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SY7003Auditorium/Kellogg Hotel and Conference CenterDeciphering the current amphibian chytridiomycosis panzootic using genomics
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Emerging infectious diseases by zoosporic parasitesSymposiumJames, Timothy.chytrid
amphibian disease
SY8003Room 103 AB/Kellogg Hotel and Conference CenterAt species crossroads
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Sequence-based Identification of FungiSymposiumKõljalg, Urmas; Abarenkov, Kessy; Nilsson, R. Henrik; Larsson, Henrik.ITS
phylogenetic species
species hypothesis
SY9003Room 104 AB/Kellogg Hotel and Conference CenterExtensive sampling of basidiomycete genomes demonstrates inadequacy of the white rot/brown rot paradigm for wood decay fungi
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Lignocellulose Deconstruction by FungiSymposiumRiley, Robert; Salamov, Asaf; Brown, Daren W; Nagy, Laszlo; Floudas, Dimitrios; Held, Benjamin; Levasseur, Anthony; Lombard, Vincent; Morin, Emmanuelle; Otillar, Robert; Lindquist, Erika; Sun, Hui; LaButti, Kurt; Schmutz, Jeremy; Jabbour, Dina; Luo, Hong; Baker, Scott ; Pisabarro, Antonio; Walton, Jonathan; Blanchette, Robert; Henrissat, Bernard; Martin, Francis; Cullen, Daniel; Hibbett, David S.; Grigoriev, Igor.lignocellulose
wood decay

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