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Lodge, D. Jean [1], Hughes, Karen W. [2].

Hygrocybe flavescens (Kauff.) Singer – connecting the dots and resurrecting the name.

We are seeking collaborators to help resurrect the name of a wax-cap mushroom described from Michigan as Hygrophorus puniceus var. flavescens Kauffman in 1906. Two authors placed this North American species in synonymy with European taxa, Hygrocybe euroflavescens K├╝hner (1976) and H. chlorophana var. aurantiaca Bon (1976). Hygrocybe flavescens differs from both European taxa in having a stipe surface that is moist rather than viscid. While a few species of Hygrocybe have amphi-Atlantic distributions, most do not. Phylogenetic analyses by Lodge et al. (Molecular phylogeny, morphology, pigment chemistry and ecology in Hygrophoraceae (Agaricales), Fungal Diversity, 2013, 10.1007/s13225-013-0259-0), Hughes et al. (Mycologia 2013 13-041; Evolutionary consequences of putative intra- and interspecific hybridization in agaric fungi, preliminary version published online: August 8, 2013, doi:10.3852/13-041), and Dentinger et al. (in prep.) show that while H. chlorophana occurs in both Europe and America, it’s sister species, which corresponds morphologically to H. flavescens, is restricted to North America. To resurrect the name H. flavescens we need to: 1) verify that Kauffman (1906) did not cite collections or illustrations; 2) verify that the (neo-)type cited by Hesler & Smith (Smith 1935, Whitmore Lake, Michigan, 22 June 1935) was correctly designated, and if possible, sequence it; 3) collect, describe and sequence collections fitting the description of H. flavescens from areas near Ann Arbor, Detroit and Petosky, Michigan that were cited by Kauffman, as well as from Barga State Forest (north of Ann Arbor). Hassett and Zak published a GenBank sequence of an uncultured soil clone (GU174284) that falls into our hypothesized H. flavescens clade.

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1 - USDA Forest Service, NRS, Center for Forest Mycology Research, Luquillo, PR, 00773-1377, USA
2 - University of Tennessee, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Knoxville, TN, 37920, USA


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Date: Monday, June 9th, 2014
Time: 8:15 PM
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