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Barge, Edward [1], Cripps, Cathy [1].

Systematics and biogeography of Lactarius in the Rocky Mountain alpine zone.

This research is investigating the systematics and intercontinental conspecificity of arctic-alpine members of the ectomycorrhizal, basidiomycete genus Lactarius from a broad geographic range with a focus on delineating species collected in alpine areas above tree-line in the central and southern Rocky Mountains of North America.  Many plant and fungal species that inhabit alpine areas in the Rocky Mountains appear to have broad distributions, occurring throughout the arctic as well as in northern hemisphere alpine or subalpine areas in Eurasia and North America.  However, except for a few genera, this hypothesis has not been tested for fungi using molecular techniques.  Phylogenetic analyses using ITS and rpb2 DNA, combined with detailed micro- and macromorphological descriptions recognized six or seven Lactarius species from study sites in alpine areas of the central and southern Rocky Mountains.  Intercontinental conspecificity was suggested for most species and their placement in Lactarius subgenera Piperites and Russularia is supported.  Putative host plants for these species in arctic-alpine areas include Betula and Salix species.

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1 - Montana State University, Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology, 119 Plant Biosciences Building, Bozeman, MT, 59717, United States

multi-gene phylogeny
intercontinental conspecificity.

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Date: Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
Time: 8:30 AM
Number: 8001
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