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Methven, Andrew S. [1], Miller, Andrew N. [2].

Evolutionary relationships of the clavarioid mushroom genus Lentaria.

The genus Lentaria includes a group of clavarioid mushrooms most commonly collected on rotten wood in late summer and fall in northern, boreal, coniferous forests throughout North America.  Although the habitat and macroscopic features of the basidiomes of Lentaria are similar to those found in subgenus Lentoramaria in the genus Ramaria, the microscopic features are similar to those found in subgenus Ligulus in the genus Clavariadelphus which features smooth, narrowly elongated basidiospores.  While previous phylogenetic work has clearly defined the Phallomycetidae, resolution of the clavarioid members of the clade has remained elusive.  The working hypothesis for this project is that the genus Lentaria is more closely aligned phylogenetically with subgenus Ligulus in Clavariadelphus.  Two nuclear ribosomal genes, the 28S large subunit (LSU) and the internal transcribed spacer (ITS), will be amplified, sequenced and analyzed in an evolutionary context to resolve the phylogenetic position of Lentaria relative to Clavariadelphus  and Ramaria and provide a better understanding of the evolution of the clavarioid growth form within the Phallomycetidae.

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1 - Eastern Illinois University, Biological Sciences, 600 Lincoln Ave, Charleston, IL, 61920, USA
2 - Illinois Natural History Survey, University of Illinois, Botany, 1816 S. Oak St., Champaign, IL, 61820, USA

evolutionary relationships.

Presentation Type: Offered Paper - Poster
Session: P3
Location: Lincoln Room/Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center
Date: Monday, June 9th, 2014
Time: 8:15 PM
Number: P3011
Abstract ID:43
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