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Cell Biology/Physiology

Nguyen, Hai [1], Pelin, Adrian [1], Chabot, Denise [2], Hirooka, Yuuri [2], Corradi, Nicolas [1], Seifert, Keith [2].

Genome analysis and confocal microscopy of the heat resistant and xerotolerant basidiomycete Basidioascus undulatus reveal insight into its basic biology.

Basidioascus undulatus is a heat resistant and xerotolerant soil basidiomycete classified in the recently described order Geminibasidiales and class Wallemiomycetes.  Fungi in the Geminibasidiales have unusual morphology, life cycles, physiology, and a largely unknown biology.  Therefore, B. undulatus was selected for genome sequencing and analysis to gain further insight into the basic biology of a model fungus for the Geminibasidiales.  Sequencing was performed with the Illumina platform.  The genome was assembled into 2680 contigs totaling 32.7 Mb in length with a GC content of 58% and contained 5040 predicted genes.  Preliminary genome analysis revealed evidence of diploidy and existence of putative sexual genes.  Nuclear staining and confocal microscopy showed diploidy and meiosis occurring in basidia, confirming our previous interpretation of these morphologically enigmatic structures.  Homology searches by BLAST revealed putative genes related to mannitol, trehalose and glycerol metabolism, which are known to confer xerotolerance and heat resistance in other fungi.  Therefore, these genes are suspected to confer these stress advantages to B. undulatus.  Phylogenomic analysis was performed to verify the phylogenetic position of the Geminibasidiales, resulting in an emendment of the concept for subphylum Wallemiomycotina.  This study is an example of the ongoing transformation of mycology into a genome-enabled science.

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1 - University of Ottawa, Department of Biology, 30 Marie Curie, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5, Canada
2 - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 960 Carling Ave., Ottawa, ON, K1A 0C6, Canada


Presentation Type: Offered Paper - Paper
Session: 6
Location: Room 104 AB/Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center
Date: Monday, June 9th, 2014
Time: 1:15 PM
Number: 6002
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Candidate for Awards:Graduate Student Oral Presentation Award

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