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Genetics/Molecular Biology

Wang, Jie [1], Jacobs, Janette [1], Rojas, Alejandro [1], Chilvers, Martin [1].

Population genetic analysis indicates genetic diversity of Fusarium virguliforme within and between sampling locations.

Soybean sudden death syndrome (SDS) is one of the most devastating diseases in the United States Midwest. Since the first discovery of SDS in Arkansas in the early 1970s, SDS has been reported in most soybean producing states in the United States, with apparent spread from this epicenter. In North America, Fusarium virguliforme is the only predominant pathogen that causes SDS, and its genetic diversity was not detected until a recent study using RFLP and RAPD markers. In this study, we examined the genetic diversity of F. virguliforme by genotyping 369 F. virguliforme isolates collected from 4 states in 2012 and 2013 with 12 microsatellite markers. Based on the genetic distance threshold, 41 unique genotypes were identified.Genotype 1 (n=120) and genotype 2 (n=120) were the two dominant genotypes accounting for 74% of all isolates. In both Bayesian and multivariate cluster analyses, the genetic structure of F. virguliforme populations was grouped into two clusters (K = 2). In addition to the significant population differentiation between the sampling locations (Fst), the genetic diversity within the sampling location was also detected with regards to genotype richness and evenness. Although there is not enough evidence to support the dispersion of F. virguliforme from Arkansas, isolates collected from southern states were predominantly genotype 2 and isolates from northern states were mostly genotype 1, while the Arkansas population showed approximately equal composition of genotype 1 and 2.

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1 - Michigan State University, Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences, 578 Wilson Rd., 104 CIPS, East Lansing, MI, 48824, USA

Fusarium virguliforme
Population genetics

Presentation Type: Offered Paper - Paper
Session: 12
Location: Room 104 AB/Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center
Date: Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
Time: 11:00 AM
Number: 12003
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Candidate for Awards:Graduate Student Oral Presentation Award

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